Frequently Asked Questions

***Tour Bookings are PER Jet Ski -
Bring a friend to share the ride on your jet ski if you like!

One or two riders permitted***

No Licence Required

Do I need a licence?

No - you don't need a licence as you are participating in an organised tour under the competent supervision of an appropriately qualified guide.

Are the prices per person or per Jet Ski?

The prices quoted for each tour are per jet ski.
There is no extra charge for a pillion passenger.
One or two riders are permitted.

Book for one person and bring a friend if you like!

Can we share driving the Jet Ski's?

We encourage all our clients to take turns driving.

Our tour prices are PER jet ski - so you are welcome to bring a friend if you like.

Is there a minimum age?

To ride solo, 16 years - but you do need your parent's or guardian's permission. Minimum age for a pillion is 12 with a responsible adult driving. 12 year olds can drive provided they have someone over 18 on the back wearing the compulsory safety lanyard.

What should I bring?

We supply mandatory life jackets and wetsuits if you feel the need.

We recommend you bring a towel and sun screen.

Gift Vouchers

Tasmanian Jet Ski Adventures Gift Vouchers are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase. Bookings are essential. Upon payment of your order we will post voucher/s to you. To use your Gift Voucher you must visit the Redeem Vouchers page to book a tour then we will contact you to confirm your booking.

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